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I live in Billings, Montana where I do piano tunings and repair during the majority of the year.  My wife Anne and I enjoy the beauty and weather that Montana has to offer. I also have three adult children who live in Montana and Wisconsin.

I enjoy working with people and have no difficulty establishing a rapport with my clientele.  I work to help the customer better understand their piano and how to care for their instrument.  I also have a value for getting their piano in great working condition so they can better enjoy their investment.  I enjoy good humor and can put people at ease as I work in residential and commercial settings.

I also enjoy traveling to provide service in locations where there are no piano tuners readily available.  I will travel to provide service to a single residence or business and I offer discounts to clients who provide referrals.

I would appreciate the opportunity to come to your home or place of business to tune or repair your piano.  Please feel free to call me with questions about service or prices.

wendell wilson

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  1. (406)861-5170

Please call for an appointment.