In over 35 years of professional piano service we have found that our customers appreciate two things in a piano technician: top-notch piano tuning and repair skills, and someone who is personable, able to address the customer’s questions and concerns.  All too often in this business piano technicians tend to be either highly skilled at piano service OR great with people, but not both.  At Wendell Wilson Piano Tuning we believe that both technical skills and customer service skills are vital to providing clients with the very best piano tuning and repair.

Another distinctive feature of our business is our willingness to travel to your location.  While most of our business is focused in and around the Billings, Montana area, we will travel to your location to provide top shelf professional piano care.  Wendell regularly travels to various parts of the country.  Check out our Travel Schedule page to find our where we will be throughout the calendar year.  If we are scheduled to come to your area, please let us know and we will arrange to tune or service your piano.  If your locale is not listed on our travel schedule, please give us a call and we will arrange to visit your area.

Please feel free to look around our site or contact us at (406) 861-5170.  We would appreciate the opportunity to meet you and provide the very best in piano tuning and repair.


“There are two things that customers appreciate in a good piano technician: top-notch piano tuning and repair skills, AND great customer service.”

  1. -Wendell Wilson

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